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In 2003 Intermag – Modelex Inc. sold its product development business unit to its main director, Roch Champagne (Intermag-Modelex product development assets). Out of this transaction was born STYL&TECH, deploying its skills and serving clients with efficiency.

Rapidly, STYL&TECH integrated Intermag – Modelex’s (IM) nonferrous metal (aluminum and magnesium) and polymers (plastics and composites) expertise and knowledge in digital prototyping processes, complex shape engineering and material properties. Major clients such as Irisbus, Daimler, Chrysler, General Motor, and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, were well taken of because we ensured that the transition of knowledge to finalize projects already underway were on time and on budget. As planned, STYL&TECH’s skills increased the value of those products and thereby ensured the success of their commercial launches.

The name STYL&TECH was chosen to reflect our new 3D product development vision, by using 3D CAD and 3D laser scanning technologies to create 3D sharable models, which simultaneously remodel the product using STYLING TECHNIQUES (industrial designers) and simulations (mechanical engineers). Synergy defines our 3D digital prototyping processes.

STYL&TECH develops, maintains and updates its 3D digital prototyping database. Our investment in research and development by simulating and analyzing diverse product performances, properties and fabrication processes help STYL&TECH convert the artisan working process know-how into 3D digital prototyping processes, Thereby achieving a competitive advantage. We estimate our product development time savings at 30% to 40%, thereby offering our clients cutting-edge value in product development projects.

STYL&TECH’s knowledge combined with our 3D technologies are now even more powerful. Our team is at the forefront of such technology. We started with the trusted Faro Laser ScanArm for precision reverse engineering and inspection needs. We have since acquired the Surphaser 25HSX, a new, fast and precise large-scale 3D laser scanning system. This opened up new applications and benefits to us and, by extension, our clients.

STYL&TECH is, thus, a 3D product development team skilled and devoted to teaming up with clients to successfully carry out challenging projects. We are among the top design and engineering firms in North America, with an international network of suppliers in all product development activities.

Since 2003, we have continued developing our 3D digital prototyping expertise in several industry activities such as aerospace, transportation (truck, metro & train), motorsports, electronic devices and medical equipment. STYL&TECH invites you to explore our project & portfolio section.

Awards & recognitions:

  • 2010 THE BUILDER recognition from AMETVS, Specialty Vehicles and Transportation Equipment Manufacturers’ Association.
  • 2008 RAYONNEMENT HORS QUEBEC Award to Roch Champagne president & CEO from Quebec Chamber of Commerce.
  • 2006 FIDEIDES Enterprise of the Year Award – Finalist
  • 2006 DESJARDINS Commercial Merit Award
  • 2005 AMETVS Enterprise of the Year – Finalist: recognition by Specialty Vehicles and Transportation Equipment Manufacturers’ Association.
  • 2005 FIDEIDES Innovative Enterprise Award – Finalist