Depending on the client’s new product requirements, STYL&TECH uses physical rapid prototypes or scaled mock-ups during the design process. Along with computer validation tools, a physical product contributes to a better understanding of the design. By analysing a physical model, S&T and the customer can identify areas of the product that surpass, are on par, or require improvement with the design intent. A physical model will often inspire new solutions for the final product.

STYL&TECH optimizes fabrication processes by scheduling multiple parts procurement while simultaneously requesting product assembly. S&T ensures accurate and quality deliveries with the help of 3D laser scanner capabilities. S&T’s qualified and certified suppliers offer: laser, water-jet, robot and manual cutting, bending, welding, CNC machining, bounding and painting. We regularly work with several types of material such as steel, aluminum, magnesium, polymers & composites.

Based on the 3D CAD data and our prototyping knowledge of joining mechanical parts, such as fastening and bonding, STYL&TECH offers assembly services for a full array of products and parts. Our 3D measurement capabilities help us install parts and components with accuracy, to follow 3D theory locations. We can assist clients from the design stage to the product manufacturing stage.

STYL&TECH offers its expertise in the prototyping and manufacturing phase of the tooling’s design. With our proven tooling design processes and CAD capabilities, S&T offers proven solutions in a competitive time frame. We design and manufacture patterns and moulds according to the client’s and industry requirements. Our experience in this field extends to injection molding, hand-layup and RTM molds, CNC patterns, jigs and fixtures. The entire process is inspected with our laser scanning capabilities to ensure dimensional conformity.