Depending on the client’s new product design sensitivity, STYL&TECH uses physical rapid prototypes or scale CNC mock-ups during the design process of the new product. Along with computer visualization tools, the physical product increases perception and weak points. By seeing and touching a physical model, the customer identifies the areas of his product that require improvement or inspire new solutions.

STYL&TECH secures the parts fabrication processes by scheduling multiple parts procurement while simultaneously requesting product assembly. STYL&TECH does the 3D probing and scanning inspection to ensure accurate and quality deliveries. STYL&TECH’s qualified and certified suppliers offer: laser, water-jet, robot and manual cutting bending, welding, CNC forming and machining of various bonding and painting processes. We regularly work with several types of material such as steel, aluminum, magnesium, polymers & composites.

Based on the 3D CAD data and our knowledge of joining mechanical parts, such as fastening or bonding, STYL&TECH offers a full array of products and parts assemblies. Our 3D measurement capabilities help us install with accuracy parts and components, such as 3D theory locations. We can serve clients from the design stage to the product manufacturing stage.

From the prototype to the production stage, STYL&TECH offers tooling expertise and provides solutions. With our proven tools processes, from the 3D CAD data we design and produce jigs and tools for prototyping, manufacturing and inspection: Injection, Hand-Layup, RTM molds CNC patterns, fixtures and jigs Inspection, assembling & positioning fixtures.