Engineering layout is the road map that tracks technical decisions about the product. Consistently elaborate 3D design begins with a 2-dimensional package layout to estimate a rational workspace for all of the planned elements. The 3D mechanical modeling of every component is modeled and implemented in a 3D assembly to create a complete overview of the planned product. The 3D product architecture data is used to create the product manufacturing bills of material (BOMs). STYL&TECH combines 3D assemblies with 3D GD&T to generate tolerance stack-up and clash analysis from feature to feature or part to part in the 3D assemblies. S&T creates the bridge for the part specifications and 3D GD&T leverage for part inspection planning and reporting.

Three dimensional simulations & finite element analysis (FEA) are executed by STYL&TECH on critical design elements and systems to simulate the product functionality. It is then possible to identify and solve issues in the 3D virtual model to avoid negative impact before the product’s manufacturing stage begins.

Designed products must respect applicable industry regulations. STYL&TECH integrated this phase in its product virtual prototyping process. S&T studies regulation requirement such as ADA, APTA, FMVSS, MDR and SAE to solve issues in the prototyping process and to avoid after-sales recalls.

STYL&TECH provides 2D production drawings and specifications services for parts, assembly and installations on demand, as some technical details cannot be fully described by 3D CAD for fabrication and manufacturing phases.


STYL&TECH's mechanical engineering use world-class software fully compatible with other software solutions on the market :