3D scanning

During a 3D metrology process of scanned data points, STYL&TECH can produce traditional or rapid interpretation inspection reports, according to dimensional tolerance requirements. The colour map contained in the report offers a rapid interpretation of the measured deviations of the part versus its theoretical model. Our experienced team can inspect parts, toolings, assemblies, buildings and work environments, just to name a few possibilities.

STYL&TECH uses reverse engineering in the process of taking clay models or finished products and reconstructing design data in compatible customer CAD format to fabricate new parts or tools. From our 3D scan data we build 3D surfaces in solid model and make a comparison report based on the differences between the 3D scan data and the new CAD model. Our clients recognize us as powerful Class A surface providers.

STYL&TECH uses POLYWORKS, a powerful point cloud software solution optimized to handle large data sets obtained from our accurate SURPHASER 25HSX laser scanner equipment. The point cloud alignment, measurement, and extraction capabilities are tailored to the needs of surveyors in the field of civil engineering for diverse applications, such as Bridge Infrastructure Inventories, Bridge Height Clearance Measurements, Street Intersection Surveys and Inventories of Railway Crossings. STYL&TECH has the habilities to align point by geo-referencing (in real-world coordinates).

STYL&TECH offers advanced 3D scanning services which meet the needs for architecting, building site surveying and city modeling. The strength of our service offer resides in : rapid 3D scanning and environment capture, easy geo-referencing of the entire point cloud, accurate scan alignment and deliveries, permanent 3D data visualization and measurement, quick view and 3D model build-up, 3D rendering creation and scaled architectural model fabrication.

Tools & Software Specifications

For inspection services, STYL&TECH provides probing and scanning color map reports :

  • 3D probing at +/- .001" as per GD&T request
  • 3D scanning at +/- .003" color map deviation
  • Big part or product inspection at +/- .20" with our SURPHASER 25 HSX, the first of its kind in Canada.

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edge_scan_arm FARO Edge ScanArm HD
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surfacer 3D Scanner Surphaser® 25HSX