Industrial Design

Brainstorming several propositions is the initial phase of our development process. By using sketches to demonstrate ideas, we track unique solutions, bringing innovative concepts to life with minimal investment. Our constant industrial application research permits us to understand the competition and identify the evolution of similar products. The goal is to find and to anticipate innovation niches from near-future technological advances and parallel markets.

3D modeling is at the core of STYL&TECH’s design process. Our 3D CAD designers literally sculpt the design intent of selected concept sketches into a complete 3D CAD model. This enables mechanical engineers to integrate 3D components and systems to evaluate potential issues. Industrial parts created from 3D complex geometric shapes require high 3D molding skills and mold simulations to minimize the expensive fabrication investment. STYL&TECH developed a proven 3D technical simulation process through internal experimentation with different materials for several applications to minimize our client’s molding part expenses in the fabrication process.

In a 3D process similar to industrial clay modeling, S&T’s surfacing specialists develop 3D CAD surfaces up to class A, ready for industrial applications such as molding and stamping. From the 3D CAD data, STYL&TECH can also provides a 3D photo-realistic rendering of the client’s product before the initial fabrication.

Using virtual human models (95th percentile male and 5th percentile female), our specialists can simulate three dimensional ergonomic simulations to comply regulations requirements such as ADA, APTA, FMVSS and MDR, and explore industrial safety issues at no risk.


STYL&TECH's industrial designers use of world-class software fully compatible with other software solutions on the market :