STYL&TECH collaborates with LynX Inspection for the launch of their new product.

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LynX Inspection had a good prototype in hands, but required an aesthetical and mechanical upgrade on their product to make it “market ready”. The design scope of the project was to design a new inspection cabinet for a market introduction with their new non-destructive X-ray inspection technology (NDT).

A new exterior design, an increase in radioprotection of the cabinet, interior accessibility and the integration of a computer compartment were key points of the conception.

The main challenge of the design was to eliminate any X-ray leakage outside of the cabinet to ensure an excellent radioprotection (doors, part clearances, mechanical access panels). Working in a virtual environment was essential to test and validate the concepts and ensure that the first prototype will be leakproof since this unit will be used for homologation. The important weight of the radioprotection was also an important structural design consideration.


Industrial design

  • Concept sketches
  • Virtual ergonomic studies


  • Design of the radioprotection of the cabinet
  • Mechanical design of the frames, panels and access doors
  • Finite element analysis of the frames
  • Exterior and interior aesthetical panels
  • Components selection


  • Parts fabrication and ordering
  • Complete prototype assembly